With our technology,

you become more efficient,

compliant and customer focused.

And you do it effortlessly.

Our deep understanding of Australia’s private health insurance industry and its complex regulatory and legislative requirements has us always searching for a way to do things better – while ensuring 100% compliance.

“HAMBS is focused on delivering technology solutions to support the sustainability of our customers and the Health Insurance industry.”


George Roper, Head of Growth & Strategy

Capabilities our customers appreciate:

  • The ability to create products quickly using product cloning with inbuilt validation against product tiers and clinical categories, ensuring legislatively compliant products.
  • Real-time integration with industry services including ECLIPSE, HICAPS and HealthPoint.
  • A full featured digital member portal to enable a great self-service experience for members.
  • Single-pane view Customer Service Interface that makes interactions between members and call centre staff impressively smooth.
  • Inbuilt assessing rules to the claims processing engine, making it easier to automate processing and limit fraudulent activities.
  • Inbuilt legislative rules to the Contributions Engine.
  • An integrated layer providing connectivity for third party and digital service integration.
  • Simplified member transfer using automated transfer certificate service.

A compliant, feature rich solution used by over 60% of Australia’s Private Health Insurance industry.


Managed Services

Risk and Security

Professional Services

  • The HAMBS core platform is a sophisticated and highly configurable IT solution for Australian private health

    insurance funds.


    Features include:

    • Feature rich user interface to manage all aspects of member management.
    • Processing of e-commerce transactions, including HICAPS, HealthPoint, Medicare Two-Way, hospital claims and more.
    • An integration platform enabling seamless connectivity with third party applications and digital services.
    • A full featured member portal allowing members to manage their private health insurance digitally.
    • Fraud protection through claims checking services.
    • Integration points with industry solutions for business process automation, business intelligence reporting and fraud detection services.
  • Comprehensive managed services delivered from Australian data centres.


    Services includes:

    • End to end application management and maintenance.
    • Disaster recovery management, with agreed recovery commitments.
    • Database management and maintenance.
    • Managed security services including patch management, backups and 24x7 security monitoring.
    • Secure and redundant networking and internet connectivity.
    • E-commerce gateway services.
  • A strong focus on risk and cyber-security management, aligned to industry best practices and APRA expectations.


    Security includes:

    • Continually maintained security governance framework.
    • Defence in depth approach applied to security architecture.
    • 24x7 security event monitoring and response capability.
    • Industry aligned controls and capabilities.
    • Stringent awareness of current and looming risks.
    • Ongoing engagement with customers to raise awareness of threats.
  • Support teams available 7am - 7pm (CST), with consulting and application services available across the country.


    Support includes

    • Support and guidance for software applications from application specialists.
    • Comprehensive problem analysis and resolution.
    • Development of solutions to meet complex requirements.
    • Industry representation and Private Health Insurance (PHI) guidance and expertise.
    • Best practice reviews of business processes, product configuration and application configurations.
    • Analysis, consulting and application development services.




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Hospital eligibility: eligibility@hambs.com.au



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With our technology,

 you become more efficient,

compliant and customer focused.

And you do it effortlessly.