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in a system that is fair, accessible

and improves people's lives.

There’s more to our work than meets the eye. Working behind the scenes, we advocate for our customers to make their voices heard and their influence felt on all levels, informing policy and driving change.

“HAMBS strives to be a trusted partner to our customers, delivering leading technology solutions and enabling them to focus on their members.”


Paul Griffiths, Chief Operating Officer

Contribute and benefit from a collective market led wisdom.

We have a deep understanding of private health insurers’ needs when it comes to compliance and technology. When you join us, you can contribute and ensure your fund’s day-to-day operations and member experience are the best they can be. One example of this is our regular user forum.

Stay up-to-date with business and market intelligence.

Trust us to stay up-to-date with happenings and proactively identify opportunities for you to benefit through improved software systems. Whether it’s streamlining a labour intensive process or developing new consumer demanded features – we can help you to work more efficiently, stay compliant and win new members in a highly competitive market.

Some of the changes we've brought to the industry

Streamlined rebate registration

Private Health Industry reformS

Automated Transfer Certificates

  • HAMBS argued for a single, efficient online registration process for the Private Health Insurance (PHI) Rebate when consumers join or transfer between Health Funds.

    Our paper co-created with Members Health started discussions with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and resulted in the revised rebate guidelines. These revisions have achieved better outcomes for consumers and health insurers.

  • HAMBS participated in the Private Health Ministerial Advisory Committee, which helped shape legislation changes to deliver the Private Health Insurance (PHI) reform package.

    The reforms ensure greater transparency of benefits, making it easier for customers to compare policies. They also improved travel and accommodation benefits to help people living in rural and remote Australia. We’re proud to have played our part in making health insurance less confusing and more valuable for consumers.

  • HAMBS was pivotal in moving transfer certificates from an email/postal process to an electronic and automated system.

    We co-chaired working groups across industry for over two years, defined the technical specifications and liaised with government, industry and third party suppliers to ensure the new system would integrate with existing processes. We also led the development and testing of the solution for our 20+ customers.




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Join a community who believes

 in a system that is fair, accessible

and improves people's lives.